Football like any other sport require talent and hard work but above all discipline. Over indulgence or even smoking are not welcome in this profession but some few individuals have continued to bend the law and engage in this behaviors behind the scenes. Few are caught but many continue. Below is our list of smoking footballers…..

7. Mario Ballotelli -Nice


Italian striker Mario Balotelli has been photographed for more than once smoking and it is no surprise that he comes first in this list. He currently plays for Ligue 1 side Nice.

6. Jack Wilshere – Bournemouth( Arsenal)


Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere, who is currently on loan to Bournemouth, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent years. If it is not a serious injury, it is a discipline issue. Smoking cigarettes, Shisha or even abusing Tottenham Hotspur fans, Wilshere seems to attracting all the wrong headlines. Take nothing away from him, he is talented and if he stays fit and out of controversy he has a bright future. Former players and managers has warned him repeatedly but all seem to be falling on deaf ears.

5. Mesut Ozil – Arsenal


Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is also in the list of smoking footballers. He is the type of player that seems to keep everything for himself but could not hide anymore his love for some smoke. The photo is here to prove he is a secret smoker. This might be the reason why he always looks to be out of breath.He helped his country Germany to win 2014 World Cup trophy in Brazil.