Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has cleared the way for the departure of his captain Wayne Rooney as rumour about his imminent switch to China continues in the press.

The England skipper broke Sir Bobby Charlton 40-year-old goal record on Saturday evening and now the hurdle to his departure seems to be over. The Portuguese has left that to his captain to decide.

“You will have to ask him. I think the future belongs to him and what he wants in his career,” said Mourinho.

“The way he wants to end it, the way he wants to enjoy the last part of his, that belongs to him.


“I don’t like to be critical of players who decide to go to China. It’s their life, it’s their organisation of their life, their organisation of their career.

“The money is huge, the experience can also be interesting. I know some of my colleagues think they are more important than they are and think they can interfere in the lives of other people, but I’m not that sort of guy.

“Everybody is responsible for their own life, I’m not critical with anyone. To be honest, in Wayne’s case, I have no idea, because he has never mentioned it to me.”


The Special One however made it clear that Wayne Rooney contribution is still valuable to the team in same way 35-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“Could anyone have been critical of Zlatan if, last summer, he decided to go to China or USA, one guy who has had an amazing career. It is the same with Wayne,” he added.

“He owns his career. It is him, his family and his decision but of course, yes, I see him with an important contribution for us.”

“He is always close to the other players and he has a very good relationship with me and my staff. He is very humble, very respectful and I can only have good things to say about him.”


“He has more to give us. I repeat, you reach a certain level in his career when it is up to him.”

Rooney now has 250 Club goals surpassing Charlton 249 40 years record. He has won all trophies available in Club level since he joined in 2004 from Everton.

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