Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has delivered a hammer blow to Jurgen Klopp men by ruling out the Reds out of Premier League title this season after 3-2 defeat to bottom side Swansea at Anfield on Saturday.

‘It’s going to be very difficult now they’ve left themselves a lot of work to do,’ says Gerrard.

‘It’s a 10-point gap if Chelsea wins tomorrow. It’s looking very difficult.’


The former Reds skipper also talked about the club poor run especially against lower teams in the League, a problems he admits the club has faced for a couple of years now.

‘It’s been like that a long time from when I played as well. When we got close on a couple of occasions the damaging results were usually against lower teams.


‘Liverpool will be stunned, you can tell by Jurgen Klopp’s face, it’s a big shock today that I’m sure before kick-off they would’ve seen it as a three-point game.’

Firmino scored twice to help the Reds draw level after a double from Llorente but a late Sigurdsson goal ended any hopes of a comeback in front of home fans.

Klopp had this to say after the disappointing defeat;

‘If you go to the first half, in four or five moments it was like how it should be and in a few more moments it was like how we expected because We had to stay patient and create the moments when we could’ve scored. What we didn’t have in the first half was the last punch.


‘So at 0-0 we come out but then we lose one challenge and Llorente scores. It was too easy. The second goal we couldn’t defend the cross and that’s why you should avoid crosses as the ball is difficult in the air. These things happen.

‘And then we came back played really good and deserved our goals. The most disappointing thing is their third goal though. I have no explanation for this, we had four or five opportunities to make a challenge but in the end one guy is free in our box. It makes no sense.’

A consolation will only come for Klopp if Chelsea comes out with less than 3 points against bottom placed Hull City. A possibility that is highly unlikely given the form Antonio Conte men are enjoying at the moment.

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